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If there’s any American sport that captures the imagination of youth in the best possible manner, its baseball. The only game where kids may hit and steal willfully and skillfully. No matter at what level do you pursue the sport, be it high school, professional or college leagues; you always need a good arm and surely a good equipment set, to be an ace at this game. And if you’re in for a penny then you better be in for a pound.

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Things To Know About Baseball Gear (Esp. Bat) Purchasing Trends

At any age, a Baseball bat is like a child’s dream Christmas present, coming after a Playstation or an iPhone. Now, you can always run to the nearest store and get one for the young All-Star you have at home, but how’d you know that it is the perfect specimen that would match the skills if the savant who’s actually going to use it. With Baseball bats it’s always like unless you don’t swing it, you don’t know it.

So, how do you indeed buy them online, where you can’t even have any sense of tangible idea about the Baseball Bat. We have here the perfect dossier to choose the Best Baseball Bat in the Market, for everyone. The thing with these Hitting Bats is that you need to know everything about them if you’re buying them online, while you only need to swing them once if you’re picking them from the store. But don’t worry we got you covered.

The Kind Of Baseball Hitters That You Can Find: Categories & Differentiations

First you need to know what kind of bat would suit the player, you’re buying it for. The only category that most people are aware with is that of the material difference; Metal vs. Wooden Baseball Bat; but there are other categories as well and you better do your research about them.

  • Based on Material:Obviously the kind of material that your bat’s made up of has a very high opinion in how the player would handle it in different situations. How’d they hit that fast-pitch or hit a fly ball.
  1. Wood:If you want your player to get acquainted with the professionalism of the game right from the beginning, it’s better that start using a Wooden bat. Generally made from the Californian supplies of Ash wood or similar variants to provide the hitter with more weight and balance; these Bats are officially used in Major Leagues and Minor Pro Leagues.
  2. Aluminium:The barrel walls being reinforced by usage of aluminium as the base metal for the bat makes it more responsive which means, technically it helps in conservation of jerk and momentum. Being an alloy it provides the much needed durability and also reduces the burden of constant upkeep.
  3. Composite: Weight concerns, some players like their tools very handy and easy to swing; while others need a certain custom weight distribution. In these cases composite bats are made from fibreglass, polymer and carbon fibre and a subtle mixture of graphite. Comes expensive and generally in form of two piece bats only but is very handy.
  4. Hybrid: This is a rather new category and they come that easy. Do not try them unless you know what you’re doing or perhaps you’ve tried them earlier. They’re the bats with the barrel made of Aluminium and handle made of Composite. Provides better grip dynamics and pressure distribution.
  • Based on Make:The homogeneity of the material and make of your baseball bat also decides how you’re going to use it for different kind of games.
  1. One-piece Bat: The ones that are made of one material from End Cap to the Knob of the bat. No change in composition and no change in grade of material is suited in such bats. Besides these hitters are one whole carved jobs, which means they don’t have conjoined parts. They provide better strength and better reach in terms of extent of your shot, good players generally use a heavy version of this type.
  2. Two-piece Bat: The ones that have two parts, the Handle and the Barrel conjoined to form a whole bat, irrespective of the fact if the material for both the parts is same or not. Provides better vibration resistance and a firm grip, and is mostly used by professionals and comparatively younger draft picks. Players have started to try things with these kinds of hitters these days.

Then there are technical qualifications of the Bats which adhere to the size and weight  constraints of the Bat portions. These are known as Turn Models and based on a specific series of identifying number (271, 243, 210 etc.) they’re used by hardcore marquee players of the Leagues.

Top Baseball Bat Brands of USA

Great! now that we know about the types of Baseball Hitters we need to know who can provide us with the best variants of it. Come to notice it, you’ll find that baseball bat manufacturers are very scarce as compared to any other equipment for the game. That’s because the players and the teams do not trust any manufacturer with their batting kits. And this is the industry where League trends trickle down directly to the Youth Clubs and Youth Baseball Bat Manufacturers.

Here are some of the top brands that you may find in the market for top Youth Baseball Hitters.

Marucci Sports

This company is trusted for the quality that it provides in form of the handcrafted solutions for Major League A-listers. Obviously the mass production is not Handcrafted Bats but the end-to-end control over the supply chain of maple wood to handle grip makes them manage the quality of their bats in best the possible way. Many league leaders today serve for the advisory board of design and marketing teams of this company and that’s how you know that Marucci will deliver.

Louiseville Slugger by Hillerich and Bradsby

If you haven’t heard their name in the field of baseball, well you should probably think of picking another sport. The Slugger is a sensation in the field of baseball bats having led many teams to win titles and break records. This company’s bats have been used by all time league giants and they have trusted this brand for a whopping 130 years now.

Their strength lies in their knowledge and the learning might in the field of innovation in Baseball bat making profession. Some of the changes that they’ve done to bats earlier have come to regulate as trends in manufacturing industry. Some of their models still exchange hands as collectables.

Easton Sports

For the company that rubs shoulders with the very leagues that run the sport in the country, Easton Sports is absolutely crazy about following the standards. They have been there providing for the maximum share of the College Pro Leagues and Major Leagues and they command the respect that they own in this industry. Easton is best known for the R&D that it puts into the manufacturing of these Hitting Bats and the kind of distribution bandwidth they have nationwide.

There are other good brands in the Baseball Equipment industry of USA, namely:-

  • Under Armour
  • Wilson
  • Nike Baseball
  • Palmgard
  • Wilson Sporting Goods

Top Selections for Best in Class Youth Baseball Bats 2022

From the brands the point always comes down to knowing the Best Youth Baseball Bats product wise. Here’s how it goes in order to buy the Best Youth Bat you don’t need to browse through options or scour through menus. You just need to have the one in your mind which you go on the shopping website for and purchase, irrespective of the options available. Because the more options you see the more you’ll get confused.

So we have for you the Best Youth Baseball Hitters that we had tested from our pros from college and pro teams. We’d again like to remind you that our picks are not rank listed, and all of them are unique in their own ways. You may pick anyone, all the picks are equally good:-

Cold Steel 92BSS Brooklyn Bats, Crusher

Best Youth Bat for training purposes, this one is one of those offers which is used by official players as their warm-up bats and they trust it with their most rugged usage routines. The one-piece bat is precision injected with a heavy grade polypropylene compound that makes it almost impervious to any kind of splinter, crack, or wearing effect.

The Brooklyn series by Cold Steel is especially known for their extensive usage, in school and college leagues; trust by many legend makers of the lower divisions. Go on ask your coach for the credibility of this one and you’d know. Buy this one for the price at which it comes and for the he-man kinda strength that it delivers.

Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

The make material is something that makes you go for this one, the Military Grade ALX50 Aluminium which is known for its anti vibrational properties and durability. The extreme light weight of this bat makes you to go for that swing with extra ease.

The -10 grade of weight to length differential (experts would understand the technicality better) would make this the ultimate tool for power and speed combination. Eatson put all that it had in the technical design and compliance of this bat, and they really worked specially on that slim grip handle very seriously.

It’s sleek and functional; this bat is not some amateurs business, and one can pick this one for the absolute professional feel that it provides.

SKLZ Quick Stick Underload Speed Training

This one is especially for those people who are hell bent on working out their Hand-Eye coordination.The Slim Barrel provides for the opportunity to work on those small ball training schedules especially the fast pitchers. Besides the bat is extremely light weight perfect for those pre-game warm ups. This one has been tested and proven to increase your batter’s hand speed.

No extra emphasis on design just plain simple composite make and design optimized for precision testing of skills. The make of this one intrigues one’s style of usage. It comes with an additional set of practice balls which makes it a very economic deal. For the simplicity and economics of it and for the added advantage of honing your precision skills get this one for sure.

Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3- Ash Mixed Baseball Bat

Disclaimer: from the finish and look of the bat please don’t presume that this is a maple wood bat and it would last for years even if you bang it continuously on your phony neighbor’s car. This is a composite bat with the very fine name of Louisville Slugger, and it sure does justice to that name.

It contains a mixture of Series 3X California Ash which means that it has got the right amount of durability and it doesn’t gives it up with age. Besides any abrasions, or wear and gaps while practicing at long stretches can be forgotten with this one. To say the least this one is a mixture of more lighter and flexible ash with one piece wood make that provides for best Youth Bat experience for any young batter.

Bets for purist enthusiasts, this one doesn’t sports a grip for better practice and raw experience. Besides it also accounts for the official USSSA chart of weight age coordination. Choose this for the production quality and for the ash mix material that promotes durability with ergonomics.

Rawlings 2018-5150USA Baseball Bat

Looking for something fresh off the factory outlet that accounts for all the latest compliance rules and player dynamics. Go for the ones that Major League Pros bat with; Rawlings: this company is the best providers of Baseball Bats to the professional players.

This one is made of one piece ASTM 5150 alloy with USA standards compliance, providing a very huge sweet spot and a very balanced barrel. The drop in this bat is -10 and the barrel is size 2- . The balanced make and years of R&D provides rawlings an advantage of wood like performance with Alloy like balance. Being picked up fast by Players and League Teams, you’re soon going to see this one in every batter’s gloves in Dixie Youth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, Little League Baseball and all American Amateur Baseball Congress events.

Pick this one if you’re ready move to the next level or not made for the ground levels, this would dare you to bring out the best in your performance.

Based on the testing that our players did and industry review/research we did; there were some other honorable picks which made to the top 10 list but not the Top 5 Youth Baseball Bats. Here they are:-

Marucci MCBC7 CAT7BBCOR Baseball Bat

De Marini CFC Little League Baseball Bat 30 inch

Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Mini Bat

Barnett BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat

Rawlings Adirondack Natural Ash Wood Bat

Know how to buy your Bat: Baseball Bat buying guide

It’s important to know the factors that we looked for while picking these options for you. What we did was asked playing experts and retired league professionals and stumbled upon following factors that one should consider before they make any decision. Go through these pointers before you make any decision of picking any of the bats that we’ve listed above.

The Official Height comparison chart

This is the chart that every official league and governing body rolls out for the rules and regulations for the restriction of bats that are used in the gameplays. You’d find plenty of such lists online when you’d go to look for the ideal bat and everyone of those will have different information regarding the weight to height ratio. What we suggest is that this technical concern is not something that every internet website has informed details about.

These can have very critical effect on your usage ease and in extension even your muscle work while using the bats. We suggest that you visit the official website of the league that you are aiming for or for that matter the kind of game that you’re getting into (even if its a school level division) and then confirm what bat size and weight should you go for.

Balanced Bats vs. End Loaded Bats

As the name suggests, the end loaded ones have the weight slightly concentrated to the end of the barrel which makes them hit harder the ball. But this makes them relatively harder to control and thus they’re not suggested for people who’re not more seasoned.

On the other hand if the speed and precision of hit is all that matters to you and force is something that believe your arms with, then the Even Balanced ones can be chosen. These have evenly distributed weight throughout the body of the bat despite the uneven shape and figure. This makes them easy to control, speedier to move and even easier to maintain.

There are obviously other factors as well and if we start lining them up it might take you forever to pick your bat. But we’ve listed the two most important factors that we consider, apart from some regular pointers like material and make. Still there are other factors that you might want to consider which are listed below:-

  • League Rules and Requirements (many leisure players fail to emphasise over it)
  • Barrel to Handle Ratio
  • Grip material
  • Certification and approval from USA Baseball (for safety standards)

Youth Baseball Bats: Easier to chose harder to use; pick wisely

Baseball is the kind of sport that can be played almost anytime and anywhere if you have the likes for it. Hell, we’ve swung our bats in class hitting those paper balls into the dustbin before class, but then again, buying one without knowing it can shatter your whole experience of using them. Know your bat, and get a good complimentary equipment set for a good game. You never know your choice of just picking any other bat from the store might turn bad for your game, leisure and it turns out to be the case maybe your baseball career as well. As the good old major league baseball coach Leo Durocher said “Baseball’s like Church, many attend few understand”.