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10 Best Baseball Bags to Use this Season

This post was most recently updated on February 25th, 2021

A baseball player needs all his or her gears handy during the game. This is possible using the best baseball bags with the right capacity, features, and design. Since another season is just around the corner, I scouted for the best bags that both kids and adult players can use.

For a hassle-free trip to the field, here are 10 of the best bags to choose from.

Athletico Baseball Bat Backpack

The Athletico Baseball Backpack is ideal for Baseball, T-ball and softball players. It can haul bats, helmet, shoes, glove, and other gears. This comes with fence hooks so you can mount the bag on the field fence.

This bag will keep you game ready since it’s designed to hold two bats, cleats, gloves, cap, and more. Although it’s a massive bag, it comes with well-padded shoulder straps and lumbar protection. For comfort, this bag is built with excellent ventilation.

There are also extra pockets to store your keys, smartphone, wallet, and whatnots. This is made from 600D Oxford fabric polyester that can last for years.


-Durable polyester fabric
-Comes with fence/J-hooks
-Well-ventilated build
-Isolated vented cleat storage


-The zipper is upside down

EASTON E110YBP Youth Baseball Equipment Backpack

Another backpack that I recommend is the EASTON E110YP Youth Baseball Backpack. This has rubberized pullers and sport utility configuration to suit every player.

It comes with a main compartment for gloves and helmets. If you have personal belongings to store, it also has a front pocket measuring 16 in. x 13 in.

This EASTON bag can hold two bats which are suitable for high school and youth players. With a padded shoulder strap, bringing this bag anywhere is total comfort.

My son personally likes how it suits his helmet. I tried fitting my adult helmet, but it consumes much of the space.


-Zipper Pulls
-Built-in fence hooks
-Pockets for personal items
-Can hold youth helmets with masks


-Not for adult players

Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag

If you’re looking for a duffel bag, the Franklin Sports Junior Equipment Bag is a good choice. Aside from the low price, this bag can house up to 3 bats and other gears. Overall, this measures 6 x 34 x 9 inches.

This comes with a ventilated cleat storage compartment and fence hooks for the player’s convenience. There are also mesh side pockets for other personal belongings.

This Franklin Sports Junior bag has a shoulder strap and handles for easy carry. As a junior bag, this suits Little Leaguers. Even my 9-year-old son can carry this on his own.

If you’re thinking of using it for professional gears, you’re better off with other thicker fabric. This bag does the job, but its material is perfect for light kid gears only.


-Easy for kids to carry
-J-hooks for fence mounting
-Can fit junior helmets perfectly


-A bit long for small bats (not a biggie)

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

When it comes to wheeled bags, I highly recommend the DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag. It has a massive main compartment and a separate bat sleeve that can accommodate up to 4 bats.

There are interior shelves too so the player can haul the gears without juggling it inside the bag. It can house cleats, helmets, gloves, knee braces, and other gears. This bag uses #10 zippers on the main opening, which lasts longer than other types.

Take note that this doesn’t stand vertically, which can be a pain to carry on the field. You also have to stack the gears right to fit all of it.


-Can hold up to 4 bats
-Strong build, suits a catcher
-Rugged wheels to easy towing
-Fence hooks included


-The bats are difficult to put back if the bag is full

Louisville Slugger Genuine MLB Stick Pack

The Louisville Slugger Genuine MLB Stick Pack has a main compartment that fits shoes, gloves, and helmets. You can also put 2 bats on the side together with some accessories.

It has a compact build and a large fence hook so you can mount the bag on the field fence. For comfortable carrying, this bag has padded backing and shoulder straps.

What I like the most here is you can choose the MLB team logo printed in front. There’s the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and more.


-Padded straps and backing
-Fence hook included
-You can choose the MLB team logo
-Spacious bag


-The sides are a bit small

Sting Ray Large Capacity Baseball Backpack

The Sting Ray Large Capacity Baseball Backpack is perfect for youth baseball across positions. It’s made from 600D canvas and a 420D water-resistant Ripstop fabric that can take years of beating.

The upgraded zippers are a great addition too. Compared to my previous Sting Ray bag, this one doesn’t snag easily.

This bag can hold up to 2 bats, 1 ball, a pair of shoes, helmet, and other gears. It also comes with additional pockets for personal items. Regardless if you’re a catcher, a batter, or a pitcher, this bag will suit you well.


-Added Ripstop fabric for durability
-External helmet compartment
-Shoe compartment that isolates the dirt
-Perfect for any playing age


-I had to reinforce the helmet straps

Rawlings Sporting Good Velo Backpack

Another Rawlings bag that I like is the Super Pack from Rawlings. It has a front helmet compartment and a main compartment that can be converted into a game-time shelf for convenience. You can also use the beaver tail compartment to store your cleats.

On each side, you can store one bat. Aside from the spaces for the gears, there’s an added sleeve to hold a laptop or a tablet. This makes it an ideal bag for high school or college players.

Overall, it’s a great bag but not ideal for catchers.


-Helmet/shoe compartment
-Added sleeve for a laptop
-Adjustable main compartment
-External fence hook


-The helmet sometimes slips from the compartment

Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Wheel Bag

For those who prefer a handheld baseball bag, the Mizuno Samurai is a worthy investment. It’s pricier than other bags, but it’s worth the splurge.

This also doubles as a wheeled bag with a solid build. It has a molded glove compartment and multiple side compartments for more storage spaces.

To add, it has a ventilated footwear compartment that keeps the dirt isolated away from the other gears. Even if it’s a wheeled bag, it still comes with a J hook for fence hanging. With the addition of a running board, this bag is guaranteed to be durable.


-Can hold up to 4 bats
-Tough off-road wheels
-Zip-off footwear pouch
-Top-of-the-line build


-Not ideal for catchers

Boombah Super Pack Bat Pack for Baseball

If you’re looking for a tough baseball bag that can endure moisture, you’ll never go wrong with the Boombah Superpack. It’s made from heavy-duty 600D nylon Ripstop as well as strong zippers that won’t easily tangle.

You can store 2 bats on each side together with two large front pockets for storing personal items. It also comes with a hook and loop attachment and a reinforced handle.

The main compartment is massive and can fit shoes, cleats, gloves, and a helmet. Actually, this is much larger than what it looks like in the photos.


-Abrasion and water-resistant materials
-Two valuables pocket
-Drawstring tightening mechanism for the bat holders


-The gray colors show the dirt too much (not a biggie)

Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack

The Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack can hold up to four bats along with a helmet with facemask, and gloves. There’s a separate compartment to store your shoes and to isolate the dirt.

This bag is made with a water-resistant DWR polyester material with the STORM treatment. The HeatGear shoulder straps and back panel keeps the bag ventilated.

It also has mesh water bottle holders and a flap that allows personal embroidery. For field fence hanging, this comes with a J hook.


-Can be opened while hanging
-Ergonomic shoulder straps
-Water-resistant material


-A bit small for adult players

Baseball and Softball Bag Buying Guide

Baseball bags come in different shapes and sizes. Before you purchase one, make sure that you consider the following:

Baseball Bag Style

Depending on the player’s preference and position, s/he can choose from the following bag styles:

Standard Equipment Bag

This is the first bag style to be ever used in baseball. It has an elongated structure and handles that can be swung into the shoulder.

Standard equipment bag also called a duffel bag and is made skinny to house baseball bats. Personally, my only gripe about this bag is it only has one way of carrying. Also, it’s quite bulky than other types.

Bat Backpack

Bat backpacks are the latest trend among baseball bags. Like most backpacks, it can be worn at the back for convenience. The main difference is it has bat pockets on the side.

Among the baseball bag types, these are the most comfortable to wear. It also fits school settings while allowing more storage space for the gears.

Just make sure that you look for one with wide straps and well-ventilated cleat pockets. Since this is worn at the back, odor buildup is the common issue.

Catcher’s Bag

For catchers, they would need a different bag style to suit their gears. They need a larger tote, usually handheld and have a rectangular construction.

Handheld baseball bags have more compartments, which make gear storage very easy. While there are hand straps, a shoulder strap can be attached for another carrying option.


Wheeled baseball bags can carry almost any gear that you need. The most common wheeled bag is a tote with metal runners along the bottom, which will prevent tears.

Wheeled bags also have many pockets for the storage of other personal belongings. Just take note that this is the largest of all the bag styles available.

What to look for

Have you chosen the bag style that you want? If so, it’s now time to consider the following features:

Size and capacity

Always look for a baseball bag that can haul all your needed gears. Consider the number of gears you’ll bring, the size of each one, and your position.

Also, check the specifications of the bag and look for special compartments for each major equipment. Standard baseball bags have bat and helmet compartments.

You can also look for a shoe compartment and other pockets for storage.


Baseball bags take a lot of beating both off and on the field. It’s just right that you look for one with the toughest material.

Bags made from polyester are usually long-lasting. You can also choose other water-resistant materials for the exterior.

For the interior lining, I’d prefer a soft mesh or other fabric.

Pockets and compartments

It’s essential to organize your gears so you wouldn’t waste time fumbling through the depths of your bag. Baseball bags are typically dotted with pockets and compartments for this purpose.

Zipped pockets are ideal for securing all your belongings while allowing you to retrieve it when needed conveniently.


This is just an added point, but it will surely give your purchase more value. Look for your preferred color, layout, and graphics. You can even purchase one that matches the color or brand of your gears.


J-hooks or fence hooks allow you to hang your baseball bag on the fence. It will also let you hang the bag on the dugout, so it wouldn’t be tossed away by other players.

These hooks are just bonus parts, but it will serve a good purpose.

Tear-away flap

If your team’s bags get mixed up often, you’d probably need a tear away flap for optional embroidery. You can add your name or jersey number to identify your bag from other players’.


Be it Big barrel bats, fastpitch softball bats or any other gear you want to carry, the best baseball bags will get you ready for any game. Make sure that there’s enough space for all your gears and personal belongings. Also, choose the right type and design to make the most out of the bag.

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