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Best Baseball Cleats For 2021 + Buying Guide

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Baseball cleats are an essential piece of gear required to move efficiently and effectively with utmost comfort to improve your performance to the top level. An uncomfortable pair of cleats would slow your feet movement and make for awkward movements which will inevitably impact your feet adversely. As the baseball cleats have undergone tremendous changes in the past decade, we present our list of best baseball cleats 2021 for your reference. It is ideal for both baseball players and those playing for a hobby.

We have a complete buying guide and FAQ's for baseball cleats after our top picks. Read on:

New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe

Best molded baseball cleats

Despite being a new entry in the baseball cleat niche; New Balance impresses you with its quality and durability. This model is an updated version of 300v3 and can safely be deemed as one of the best-molded baseball cleats available today. It has a full-length REVlite foam cushion running from heel to hoes instead of being limited to the midsole. This shoe is both lightweight and breathable ensuring comfort and speed. It offers tremendous support, even to wide feet. One of its distinguishing features is its ‘Drive Zone.’ Available in plenty of colors and sizes; its price varies from $70 to $154. With a star rating of 4.3/5; it is a good pair of cleats to own.

Mizuno Blast 4 Low Turf

Mizuno Best Baseball cleats

One of the most outstanding features of this shoe is its exceptional grip. It outsole has numerous large spikes for maximum grip. This cleat bears a close resemblance to rubber molded baseball cleats.

It has a full-length soft midsole to facilitate sprinting at full-speed with surprising ease and comfort. Equipped with Proflex; it guarantees super flexibility. Its mesh is not highly breathable but keeps your feet cool during the hot summer months. With a thick leather look; it offers great comfort but is not so lightweight as compared to other brands. It also runs small and narrow.

Adidas Performance Men’s PowerAlley 4 TPU Baseball Shoe

Adidas baseball cleats 2021

Over the years, Adidas has built its reputation as a giant sports shoemaker.  The fact that this is one of the best baseball cleats available comes as no surprise.

The comfortable textile lining of the shoes ensures a warm and soft feel when worn. The shoes also have the durable and characteristic nubuck upper whose look is enhanced by classy diamond perforations. The unique iron-skin toe overlay is exclusive to Adidas and guarantees improved abrasion resistance. An internal shank also provides maximum torsional rigidity and mid-foot support. The only complaint you can have about it is that it is an exclusive male’s cleat. With color choices available down to the laces; it is meant for high comfort and functionality. Costing between $60 to $86; the cleat wins a star rating of 5/5 on Amazon.

Nike Zoom Trout 3 Turf Men’s Baseball Cleat

Best baseball cleats guide

One of the best baseball cleats for turf; it draws inspiration from Mike Trout’s speed and power on the field. Its upper mesh is crafted from Nike’s signature technology called “NikeSkin.” The shoes remain extremely light and highly breathable which adds to its brownie points. Because of the air units in the heel and the forefoot; the shoes lend an extremely responsive experience which aids the natural run of my player with an extra blanket of protection. Its outsole boasts of enough bumps for a superior grip. Its Dynamic Fit system wraps your foot down well enough for you to gun for superior traction and speed. The only drawback is its high cost. However, its star rating of 5/5 convinces you of a worthwhile investment.

Under Armour Men's Harper One Mid ST Baseball Cleat

Under Armour baseball cleats guide

Being a new brand in the market; its shoes are still running a trial and error method. Its shoes are incredibly flexible and provide excellent breathability.

This shoe lacks color variation and is available only in black and white color. But you ignore this shortcoming because of its terrific design and construction. The saddle and the upper cleat is woven as one piece for extra protection, comfort, and durability. Thanks to its charged cushioning midsole and super-foam insole; the shoes offer an incredible responsive comfort. Its flexible grooves and metal spikes deliver traction as well as extra mobility to achieve high speed. The fact that it is garnering positive impression is evident from its star rating of 5/5. It deserves a place in the list of best baseball cleats 2021.

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Molded Baseball Cleat

Mizuno 9-Spike best baseball cleats

The Mizuno 9-Spike molded cleat has a low-cut design paired with rubber studs for safety in all surfaces. The studs are aligned well to attain utmost traction even if you’re in the middle of a heated game. This has a baseball-specific cleat pattern and a full-length midsole that runs from the heel up to the toe.

This cleat is ideal for artificial turf fields. It will provide the needed traction while staying comfortable. It’s also good for players with flat feet.

It doesn’t have removable insoles but it’s still one of the softest and comfiest cleats you can find. After one game, this pair will be fully broken in. Equipped with laces, this is easy to put on and off.


-Very soft, as if a cloud is hugging your feet
-Rubber studs that don’t get worn out easily
-Baseball-specific stud alignment


-The sizing is 1/2 -inch smaller

New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Baseball Cleat

New Balance best baseball cleats

If you’re looking for a pair of metal cleats, the New Balance 3000v4 might suit you well. It has a synthetic sole and a low-top shaft for lightweight footwear.

This has 8 metal studs with a removable insert. It’s paired with Fresh Foam technology that adds a plush feel on the player’s feet. The Ultra Heel adds more comfort on the heel area so you can steal as many bases as you can.

What I like about these cleats is the Lace Cage design that keeps the lace tucked while you’re in action. Also, the pair fits true to size even for players with wide feet.


-Removable stud inserts
-Plush sole and heel support
-Lace Cage design to tuck the laces


-None so far

Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid RM Baseball Shoe

Men’s Leadoff best baseball cleats

The Under Armour Leadoff Cleat has a mid-top cut length for added ankle support. It’s made with patent synthetic leather and a mesh tongue for added breathability even after hours of wearing.

The rubber molded cleats deliver excellent traction and durability. Also, the full-length EVA midsole ensures that the player has a comfortable game.

The size is true to fit but I’m afraid it’s not the perfect choice for those with wide feet as the soles are a bit narrow.

Also, I like that this has a water-resistant property. It’s a great wear if you’re playing on wet grass. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the bottom tread wears a bit faster than usual.


-Full-length EVA midsole
-Mid-top cut for added feet protection


-A bit narrow for wide feet

Adidas Adizero Afterburner V Cleats

Adidas Adizero Afterburner V Cleats

Another great choice for metal cleats is the Adidas Adizero Afterburner V. It has a Bootee construction that provides a sock-like feel and added ankle support.

This also sports a sprintframe plate that comes with an external heel for excellent rotational traction. It reduces the risk of injury when changing directions while wearing a metal cleat.

Also, this has a Litestrike EVA midsole and Sprinktskin upper that offers lightweight and comfort altogether.

For college and high school players, this pair of cleats is a certified sprinter. It’s also very durable for its price.


-Very comfortable sock-like feel
-Provides exceptional rotational traction
-Mid-top cut for added feet protection


-Narrow for those with wide feet

Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM Baseball Shoe

Under Armour Women’s Glyde Cleat

This Under Armour Women’s Glyde Cleat has an excellently engineered upper for lightweight yet durable footwear. This is also paired with the brand’s full-length EVA midsole that cushions and absorbs shock efficiently.

It has a mesh ankle and tongue for breathability even during extended games. As a low-top cleat, this is lightweight and perfect for those looking to steal bases.

The molded rubber studs will provide excellent traction while you’re on the field.

This doesn’t have a removable sole which isn’t a big issue. Also, this might feel super snug a first but it will loosen up a bit after a few wears.


-Very lightweight and breathable
-Full-length EVA midsole
-Mesh tongue and ankle


-Not the perfect choice for bad sliders

Baseball Cleats Buying Guide

Just like any baseball equipment, it’s important to get the best baseball cleats for your game. Below, we’ve outlined a buying guide so you’ll get the right type, fit, and material for your baseball shoes:

Cleat type

There are three major cleat types that you can choose from: turf, metal, and molded. Each one has a specific purpose.


Turf cleats are shoes that don’t have studs beneath. It’s commonly used during practice since it’s more comfortable plus it saves your metal or molded studs from excessive wear and tear.

Unlike typical rubber shoes, turf shoes have more traction while keeping your soles close to the ground. It reduces injuries as long as you wear the turf shoes on artificial turfs.

Take note that you’re not supposed to wear plastic spikes on artificial turf since it will not produce enough grip on the ground.


-It will not wear out the field too fast
-Very comfortable to use for practice
-Safe to wear on concrete surfaces


-Less performance than cleats with studs


Metal cleats, on the other hand, provide the best traction as it can dig into the field dirt and grass. For batters, a metal cleat will help them dig a toe while on the batter’s box. This reduces the risk of slipping after a strong swing.

The downside of using metal cleats is it grips the ground too much that it can cause injuries if ever a player changes direction in jest.  Also, you’re not supposed to wear metal cleats on surfaces other than grass or dirt.

Metal cleats are usually reserved for college and high school games. The spikes can be dangerous if used in youth leagues.


-Grips the ground efficiently
-Provides the best level of traction
-Ideal for high-competition play


-More expensive than molded cleats
-Too much grip may cause injuries


Molded cleats are more affordable than metal cleats. It’s also more forgiving on the wear and tear process. Molded cleats are also more comfortable to wear but it has a little less traction than metal types.

This type of cleats is usually used on youth leagues since it’s safer and can endure muddy surfaces. Also, since the studs are made of rubber, you can wear this cleat in just about any surface.

Take note that molded cleats have more studs on its layout. This reduces the pressure of wearing the shoe.


-More forgiving against damages
-More comfortable to wear than metal cleats
-Ideal for muddy and soft surfaces


-Less traction than metal cleats

Parts of the baseball cleat

Before we delve deep into the specific requirements of buying a cleat, it’s important that you know its parts first:

-Heel counter
-Cut length

Each of these parts can make or break your game depending on the material used. As much as possible, you may want a mesh tongue or possibly a mesh ankle too for added comfort.

The player’s position

When choosing the right cleat, you should always consider the position you’re playing in. Your location on the field will impact the type of shoes you’re going to wear. Here’s a quick rundown on some baseball positions:


Pitchers need extra traction during the game since they will have to throw the ball with force. Their push-off foot needs excellent grip to prevent errant pitches. With this, metal cleats are ideal for this position as it digs to the ground well.


The likes of the first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, and so on need cleats that match the condition of the ground. If the field is dense and compact, metal cleats would be an ideal choice since it will dig easier through the soil.

For muddy and softer fields, a molded type would suit them well. Always take into consideration the field’s upkeep.


For players with positions like left fielder and right fielder will do well on metal cleats. The grass tends to be softer and metal cleats can provide the needed traction. This is very important since these positions are responsible for catching fly balls.

Cut length

There are two cut lengths to consider when choosing a pair of cleats. It’s either a low-top or a mid-top type. Below are the differences between the two:


A mid-top cut length is ideal for players who need more lateral support. Also, it has more ankle protection but a little less mobility as compared to low-top cut.

Mid-top cleats are also called high-top. It gives more security and stability. Just take note that the added material on the ankle area can put more weight on the shoe. Also, it’s important to note that mid/high-top isn’t made for those that are looking to steal a lot of bases.


Low-top cuts have a shorter profile which makes it more lightweight and ideal for home runs. The only downside to this cut length is it has less ankle protection.

For players willing to sacrifice some level of security for lighter equipment and speed, low-top cleats are unbeatable.

Stud length

When it comes to stud length, shorter ones are ideal for hard and compact fields. If you’re playing on a soft field, longer studs are better since it will give more traction when you’re on the move.

By properly matching the stud length to the field condition, you will have better playing experience. In fact, some cleats have interchangeable studs to suit any field type.

Getting the right fit

When purchasing a cleat, you first have to know your shoe size. Aside from that, you can do some steps to check if the cleat will be comfy to wear in an actual game.

Here are signs that you have the right cleat fit:

-The space on the heel area shouldn’t be more than the diameter of a finger.
-You shouldn’t experience pain or pressure points when walking while wearing the cleats.

For the perfect fit, we suggest the following tips:

-Purchase cleats with laces instead of Velcro straps. This way, you can tighten the fit as necessary while keeping it intact while on the game.
-New cleats will feel tighter at first. Once you break it in, it should become a bit loose and more comfortable. This means that purchasing a loose cleat might not be a good idea.

Cleat regulations

Each league will have specific rules on the type of cleats that their players should wear. Most high school and college-level games allow the use of metal cleats. To be specific, here are some baseball leagues and their cleat rules:

-United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) Leagues

For 4U-12U age divisions, only non-metal cleats are allowed. For 13U and older divisions, traditional metal cleats are permitted.

-Little League

Metal cleats are not permitted. Only molded cleats are permitted to be used on field games for intermediate, division, junior, senior, and big leagues.

-Babe Ruth League

For Babe Ruth leagues, there is no mention of banning metal cleats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear turf shoes on dirt?

When it comes to infield dirt, spiked cleats give more traction. Turf cleats are better on outfield positions.

Are football and baseball cleats the same?

Baseball cleats are lighter than those used in football. Also, the studs on baseball cleats have a specific length while it can vary for those used in football.

Is it bad to wear baseball cleats on concrete?

Using a metal cleat on concrete will wear down the studs easily. Even a short walk can make irreversible damages to the studs. Also, it’s not safe to walk on concrete with your cleats on unless it has molded studs.

What is the difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats?

The main difference between a baseball and a soccer cleat is the pattern of the studs on the sole. Soccer cleats have two front studs spread apart. Also, soccer cleats have a rounder shape while baseball cleats are more rectangular.


It is only with the best baseball cleats that you can field and hit your best during a baseball game. A wrong choice may find you skidding and sliding each time you make a cut. No matter what your budget is or personal preference is; you are sure to find a pair of perfect cleats for you. We hope you can nail the best baseball cleat 2021 for you from our recommendations. Do let us know if you have a better recommendation or you liked our review. We would love to hear your response! Do chime in below!

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