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Super Picks: Best Softball Gloves 2021

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Given a choice to pick between a romantic date and a softball league game, if you chose to go on a date at the game; then this article is custom made for you. If hitting that ball hard is your favorite timepass, and your pet slang is “How can you not get romantic about Baseball?” then you might as well be aware of the specificity that goes into buying the equipment for the game. This guide will help you pick the best softball gloves for your requirement.

Gloves or say Mitts are for once, the kind of things that make you the pitcher or hitter you are. Everyone needs ‘em, but the problem that seems to be with getting them online is you don’t know which one to pick with the slight difference in price. A dollar here-a quarter there, it messes up your process of buying when choosing online.

Besides picking the kind of glove based on what kind of player you are and what size you might need makes it even more confusing. Thus choosing the Best Softball Gloves is an art that most have not mastered. Let us then come to your rescue as we’ve got people playing in College and Semi-Pro Leagues wearing our picks. We present you the most trusted Softball Mitts in the market.

Top 5 Best Softball Gloves in 2021

  • Mizuno Prospect GXS101 Youth FastPitch Catchers' Mitt
  • Franklin Sports RTP T-Ball Performance Gloves
  • Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series: PLayers 11 T-Ball Glove
  • Wilson A200 Series 10 inch T-Ball Glove
  • Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

Mizuno Prospect GXS101 Youth FastPitch

Mizuno Prospect GXS101 Youth FastPitch Gloves

Looking for durability and comfort only, Mizuno’s got you covered. It uses Full Grain Pigskin leather for easing your pressure points just in the right places for you to pitch that ‘windmill.’ Besides its majorly designed to be a Catcher’s Mitt and thus it has a Power Lock that keeps the ball from slipping off your hands and maintain the safety of the relapse as well.

The Polyurethane Butter soft palm liner makes it perfectly easy for your hands to adjust and ease that Clincher into the Gloves. Mizuno makes these Softball Gloves perfectly adjustable to suit your hand size and their experience in the matter comes from the trust of many league teams using their gloves. Choose these for the comfort and adjustability that they provide.

Franklin Sports RTP T-Ball Performance Gloves

Franklin Sports best Softball Gloves

Nothing like a good fitting glove that can make you convert any catch into ‘a can of corn.’ Franklin Sports took fit and ergonomics to a whole new level by introducing Polymer tech in the glove material. The etched microfiber palm grip makes you take on any speed and not lose the ball ever.

They have this special design a three-curve fit that makes you reach deep into the glove and stick to it when it gets too sweaty. For the practical part of the usage besides the technical benefits players from our testing team have vouched for this one too be extremely awesome in terms of flexibility as well. It’s like it was made for the elite and aimed for excellence. Buy this one to pitch those striking ones.

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series: PLayers 11 T-Ball Glove

Rawlings Players Youth Softball Glove Series

These are the people that specifically deal with the professional part of the game. Rawlings supply to the best Softball League teams in the USA and are industry pioneer only dedicated to one sport only ‘The Baseball: or say the indoor version of it.’

The Neo-Flex back with Velcro straps on this offer a professional and custom fit for the play. For everytime that you got the ball in your hands, but it bounced off before you could nail it, these set of Men’s Softball Gloves are made with a soft, pliable shell to assist the easiest closings. The design of the glove is the feature that you’ll have to pick it for, it’s technically sound and enables only one factor; the factor that matters the most: a Perfect Catch.

Wilson A200 Series 10 inch T-Ball Glove

Wilson 10 inch T-Ball Softball Gloves

This is the best thing that could happen to a new player, the glove that helps you through all those tough situations with perfect ease and be able to develop the palms for the next level stuff. The material is soft and comfy EVA which hugs the palm of the player in ways that help him cushioning the effect of the ball at all times. Irrespective of your role on the team, this is an all-purpose solution for pitcher, catcher; anyone.

The heel and palm of the glove are optimized specially for young players and new players, and this is the perfect glove for such players. Go ahead get one for your young ambitions.

Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

Though they’ve named it Field Master, the glove perfectly works well for any and all kinds of players. The Palm’s make is synthetic leather and Shell is Coarse Leather; such combination provides for ease of fit and adjustability of size. The contour fit system of the softball mitt makes it a perfect piece of equipment for the players that have years of practice and know how to work their gloves to make the best out of it.

You can choose this one if you’re more of a recreational player than a professional one. Suits the price and does the job (atleast better than others in line) You can’t put a price on the fun hitting the ball hard, every now and then.


Getting a best softball glove is not always a big concern, you can always pick a Baseball Glove and walk out on the pitch. But the primary concern lies in the discourse between a Softball Glove and a Baseball Mitt. The size of it and the palm adjustability, when it comes to the comfort of pitching and that of catching, the difference in the ball sizes of the game makes a big difference in your choice. Besides the kind of material used is a major concern if you’re looking out for getting your school that league championship.

Pick from our Top 5 Softball Gloves list and rest assured for we checked them by actually playing a game or two! After all, there should be some fun to suggesting and reviewing Best Softball Gloves. You can also checkout the guide for best mens softball glove .

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