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7 Best Wiffle Ball Bats to Win Every Inning

This post was most recently updated on February 25th, 2021

As a child, I’ve spent every weekend afternoon mastering my Wiffle ball swing. Those yellow plastic bats are still a staple in my household now that my kids have the same hobby. For this article, I purchased various sets to find the best Wiffle ball bat. After more than 40 hours of batting, these 7 models came out as winners:

EASTON Pro Stix 1000 Training Set

My top favorite is the EASTON Pro Stix Training Set. It’s a perfect training bat for kids that doubles as a 33-inch Wiffle bat.

It’s made from ultra-lightweight and durable plastic. This is actually modeled from a professional wood series bat which gives it a very chic look.

This has a black color with golden prints. Also, it has a wooden texture that looks like a real baseball bat. The plastic is also stiff even if it weighs like a feather.

For around 15 bucks, you’ll also get a seamed plastic training ball. This isn’t a Wiffle ball, but it works well if you’re mastering your batting skills.

I like it, and my kids find it useful too. You can literally crush some Wiffle balls and a piñata using this bat.


-Looks like a wooden bat
-Comes with a seamed training ball
-Very lightweight yet durable


-A bit long for little kids

BLITZBALL Starter Pack

My second favorite is the BLITZBALL Starter Pack. This has a thicker polymer barrel but very lightweight for less than 1 ounce.

This has a patent-pending design that provides maximum curve, distance, and speed in every hit. If you have a kid who wants to practice his batting, this is the perfect set to purchase.

Take note that this comes with three Blitzballs and not Wiffle balls. Anyway, I just purchased the Wiffle balls separately. For just a minimal price, you’ll get a set of 10.

This bat is 33 inches which suit most backyard games. My son took this on our yard and the next day, almost all kids want to play it too. It cost me a few more dollars than the EASTON model but I can say that it’s all worth it.


-Made from the highest quality polymer
-Bears a patent-pending design
-Larger barrel


-The balls got dents after a few sessions

32” Wiffle Ball Bat

If you want the classic WIFFLE bat, you’ll never go wrong with the 32-inch models from the WIFFLE brand. This package comes with two bats designed for limited and slow ball flight.

This is latex-free and safe for kids of all ages. Adults will also have a good time playing in the yard. It’s super lightweight too which is a great start for kids who are aspiring to enter the Little League. It doesn’t come with Wiffle balls, though.

At one time, my daughter used it to whack a piñata and it really put up with the abuse. It’s the same bats my brothers and I used to play with as kids. For such a price, I have no major complaints.


-Made from latex-free plastic
-Two bats for the price of one
-Super solid bat


-It doesn’t come with Wiffle balls (not a big deal considering the price)

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

If you’re looking for a Wiffle bat that looks like a real baseball bat, I recommend the Louisville Slugger Replica bat. It’s modeled from the genuine C271 34-inch Big League baseball bat. This is made from plastic with an authentic wood grain.

This bat has a seam but it’s not visible on the length of the barrel or the handle. You can still split in half, though.

It also comes with a Wiffle ball so you can start swinging right after opening the package. My son almost crushed a Wiffle ball using this bat. It really looks like the real deal for a small price.

My only gripe is that the Wiffle ball could be more durable. Other than that, the bat is superb.


-Has a wood grain texture
-The exact replica of the C271 Big League Baseball Bat
-Looks like a real baseball bat


-The Wiffle ball isn’t very durable

Franklin MLB 30” Authentic Plastic Bat

For those who are on a budget, I’d really dig the Franklin MLB Plastic Bat. It’s a 30-inch model made from durable plastic. It’s perfect for improving hand-eye coordination.

I tested this with some friends and I can say for such a low price, this can take a beating of casual games. My kids also put it to the test and it’s a total hit!

It’s a bit thin-walled which will sustain dents after hundreds of hits. Nevertheless, it’s lightweight and you can afford to have multiple pieces lying around.

Aside from the bat, the package also includes a solid perforated plastic ball. Both are lightweight which is very safe even for small kids. You can also play it in the park.


-Durable despite the very low price
-Safe for small kids
-Comes with a perforated plastic ball


-A bit thin walled

BSN Sports Polybat

This BSN Polybat became our household favorite for a while because of its taped grip. It gives a real baseball feel together with its 29.5-inch length.

It’s made of durable poly material that can take a heavy beating of regular games. It’s perfect for kids’ playtime and even rough hits by adults.

I actually like that it has an endcap that mimics the look of an actual baseball bat. Anyway, its hollow construction makes it a perfect recreational bat across ages.

This bat weighs 7 ounces which is a bit heavier than other Wiffle bats we’ve tested. My kids and I found it appealing because it gives more swing momentum. We even used it on tennis balls and the bat didn’t even crack.


-Made from a durable poly material
-Taped grip
-Can take the beating of strong hits


-The bat gets curved after a few months of use (which is pretty reasonable)

Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat

The last bat that made the cut is the one from Champion Sports. This is also the cheapest plastic bat we’ve purchased and we’re surprised that it performed well during our test.

It’s definitely made of durable plastic which can last a whole season or two. My kids also like the molded handle that provides more traction for the grip.

This is 31 inches long and has a thicker barrel than the standard Wiffle bats. It’s also lightweight and very easy to swing. Although it didn’t do well on the piñata test, we can say that this can take the beating of Wiffle ball games.

Our toddler loves it a lot. For less than $10, this is already a gem for small kids.


-Ideal for those on a budget
-Molded handle for better grip
-Lightweight and easy to swing


-A bit thin walled

How a Wiffle Bat can help

If you’re a baseball player, you’re probably wondering how a plastic wiffle bat can help your game. While you might have spent your childhood playing this simplified baseball game, Wiffle can improve your following skills as a baseball player:

Hand and eye coordination

For aspiring Little Leaguers, Wiffle Ball is a good start to hone their batting and catching skills. Wiffle balls are safer; thanks to the holes in it that limits the force and distance of the hit.

Proper hitting mechanics

Starting a child with a heavy bat will make it difficult to teach the mechanics of swinging. The kid can’t have the right feel for timing. Plastic bats allow them to stay put in every pitch without worrying about getting hit by a heavy ball.

Wiffle Ball Bat Buying Guide

As a certified (and self-proclaimed) Wiffle ball master of our backyard, I personally suggest that you consider the following points when purchasing a Wiffle ball bat

Look for thick plastic

Give the bat a squeeze using your thumb, index, and middle finger and see if the plastic will dent. Look for one that won’t squeeze like a cheek of a cheap doll.

The thick plastic will give a better pop to the ball. I really hate it when the bat gets a dent in every hit. It really messes up the trajectory and distance of the hit.

If you can, look for latex-free and BPA-free plastic.

Choose one with the right weight

Wiffle ball bats are hollow inside which makes it lightweight than actual baseball bats. Personally, I choose the weight based on the feel of the bat.

A bat that weighs less than 1 ounce is a good choice, especially for children. If you want more momentum for your swing, there are plastic bats that weigh around 7 ounces.

Invest in durability

I’ve seen a lot of Wiffle bats made from cheap plastic. It easily cracks and sustains dents. This happens when you consider the price as the main purchasing factor.

Always look for bats made from durable plastic that can bear the brunt of thousands of hits. I always read the reviews of previous buyers to know more about the bat’s performance.

Polymer is the common material among Wiffle bats. It’s durable and made to last.

Single bats vs. sets

Wiffle bats come as a single piece or as a set complete with Wiffle balls. It’s always best to purchase a set if you’re just getting started.

Still, buying the piece separately will let you choose your preferred material, weight, and brand. In the end, it’s a personal choice whether you’d avail the convenience of a single purchase.

Consider the brand

The original WIFFLE brand will definitely give you the standard bat. It’s a good option, especially if you’re new to the sport.

To give you an idea, here are the other great brands where you can purchase quality Wiffle bats:


Easton is a popular sporting goods brand. They have a wide collection of baseball bats as well as plastic Wiffle bats. I personally own one of their Pro Stix set which my kids really enjoy.

Aside from the quality, EASTON’s Wiffle sets are very affordable too. You can buy one for less than 20 bucks.


If there’s one brand that gives WIFFLE a run for its money, it would be BLITZBALL. The brand even has a Blitzball Leagues held in Tampa.

I actually knew about the brand through the famous YouTuber group called Dude Perfect. I purchased a set and I can say that the extra dollars are worth it. Their bats weigh less than 1 ounce.


Louisville Slugger is a champ when it comes to baseball bats. They also make plastic bats that you can use for the Wiffle ball game.

I actually like the plastic replica of the C271 big league bat that they sell. It also comes with a Wiffle ball which is already a steal for less than $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there holes in a Wiffle ball?

The holes in the ball increase air resistance by reducing its mass while increasing the drag. These holes also help reduce the force of the hit which makes it safer for kids and batting practice.

How much is a Wiffle ball bat?

It depends if you’re actually purchasing the WIFFLE brand or other versions. For the original WIFFLE ball bat, it will cost you around $20 with balls included.

How far can you hit a Wiffle ball?

The original WIFFLE ball will automatically curve when hit. Also, it can travel at a total of 100 feet where 75 feet is into the left field while the 25 feet is for the curve on the right field.

What are Wiffle baseball bats made of?

Most Wiffle bats nowadays are made of durable polymer material. The first prototype of the Wiffle bat is actually made of wood, similar to that of a baseball bat.


Finding the best Wiffle ball bat isn’t really difficult. Above, I’ve handpicked 7 of the best options in the market. What do you think of the roundup? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make it to the list? Let me know below and we’ll put it to the test!

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