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T Ball Equipment Essentials – Checklist for Every Beginner

This post was most recently updated on August 13th, 2022

Are you signing up your kid to T Ball for the first time? Aside from paying fees and filling out forms, you should ensure that your little player is prepared with a complete set of T Ball equipment. Making sure that your child gets the right equipment is crucial for his or her performance. Here, we created a complete shopping list with product recommendations so you no longer have to go through the hassle of looking for the best items.

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1. Tee Ball Baseball Bat

The most important equipment in T Ball is the baseball bat. For beginners, the length would range from 24 to 27 inches. To find the right length, measure the distance between your child’s chest and the middle of the palm or the tip of the forefinger. Make sure that your kid’s hand is parallel to the floor while measuring.

Most leagues don’t have limitations when it comes to the weight of the T Ball bat. Usually, it will range from 13 to 17 ounces. Still, it should depend on which your child finds comfortable to use.

For most youth leagues, they will require that your kid use a T Ball bat that bears the USA Baseball USABat stamp.

Tee ball bats can be made of either alloy or composite material. Alloy tee ball bats are affordable and lightweight which is great for kids who are still practicing their swing. Meanwhile, composite bats offer more pop and sweet spot.

Most T Ball bats have a one-piece construction to provide a stiffer feel. Just make sure that handle has enough tack to protect your little slugger’s hands from too much friction.

OUR TOP PICK FOR A TEE BALL BAT: EASTON Beast Speed -11 Kid’s Tee Ball Bat

T Ball Equipment

The EASTON Beast Speed is 24 inches long and is very lightweight for just 13 ounces. It’s made of one-piece ALX100 military-grade aluminum alloy paired with a concave end cap.

This has a balanced swing weight so your kid will have faster bat speeds. The handle is wrapped with an all-sports grip for total comfort while on the plate.

The EASTON Beast Speed meets the USA Baseball Standard. Its 2 5/8” barrel has a nice sweet spot and pop that your kid will love.

This bat is also available in 25 and 26-inch versions that weigh 14 and 5 ounces respectively. It has a blue and black design with the USA Baseball stamp on the taper.


-Made from military-grade aluminum
-Very lightweight, great for beginners
-Has a nice pop


-None so far

2. Batting Helmet

T Ball can be a very dangerous sport without the right safety equipment. The basic and most important example is a batting helmet. This protects your child from hit-by-pitch accidents in the head area.

T Ball helmets should have a solid shell that wraps around the head. Also, proper ventilation is needed to keep your little slugger comfortable even during hot days.

Aside from that, look for a T ball helmet with enough padding. This will keep the helmet fit and comfortable to wear. The padding will also wick away sweat and moisture.

If your child has a smaller head than usual, you can purchase a chin strap to keep the helmet from leaning behind or into his or her face.

For added safety, you can opt for a T ball helmet with pre-drilled face mask installation holes. You can purchase the face mask separately if it’s not included in the helmet package yet. Just take note that face masks will add more weight to the helmet. This might be uncomfortable for 4-year-olds but it could be a requirement for some leagues.

T Ball helmets come in different sizes and colors. Most leagues will require T Ball helmets to bear the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) stamp. This certification means that the helmet passed the safety standards of the governing body.

OUR TOP PICK FOR T BALL HELMET: Rawlings Coolflo Youth T Ball Batting Helmet

T Ball Equipment

This T Ball helmet has Rawling’s traditional Coolflo technology designed to keep the little player’s head cool during the game. The shell is made from ABS plastic with a clear coat finish.

Inside, the helmet is padded with dual-density foam to ensure the best fit while keeping it comfortable to wear. Aside from that, the helmet has 15 air vents as well as a ponytail channel, making it a unisex choice.

This Rawlings helmet suits 6 1/4" to 7 1/8” sizes. It’s specially designed for T ball players. For utmost safety, this helmet meets all NOCSAE standards.


-Meets NOCSAE standards
-Made from solid ABS plastic shell
-Contains 15 air vents + ponytail channel



3. Glove

If you have a catcher, you need to provide him or her the right glove. Sizing is crucial to ensure that your kid will have topnotch performance.

Most 3 to 6-year-old T Ball players will do well on 8 to 11-inch glove length. Take note that this will always depend on your child’s hand size. Most T Ball gloves have adjustable laces which will let you purchase one that’s closest to your kid’s size.

Measure the distance below your kid’s palm and above the index finger. Usually, T Ball gloves will be on the smaller spectrum as mentioned earlier.

Most T Ball gloves are made from leather, vinyl, or a combination of both. For new T Ball players, vinyl gloves are the most cost-efficient choice. However, it can be difficult to break in. Also, vinyl gloves don’t last that long.

Leather T Ball gloves, on the other hand, are more durable and can last for multiple seasons if maintained properly.

Once you have the right size and you’ve decided about the material, you should now check if your child is left (LH) or right-handed (RH).

One last tip: don’t purchase a glove that’s too big. Although T Ball gloves can be adjusted, there’s a limit to it. A glove that’s three or more inches bigger than your child’s measurement will ruin your player’s performance.

OUR TOP PICK FOR T BALL GLOVE: Franklin Sports Teeball Fielding Glove

The Franklin Teeball Fielding Glove has a Ready-To-Play construction so it can be used straight from the wrapper. It’s made from a combination of fabric and false leather that are hand molded for the best performance.

This glove has a mesh lining to keep your little player’s hand cool and comfortable. It’s made from super soft material that doesn’t need any break-in period. And to keep the glove’s shape during storage, the package comes with a foam ball to be placed on the palm area.

The Franklin Fielding Glove is available in both left and right-hand versions as wells as 5 color variations.


-No break-in needed
-Made of super soft material
-Comes with a foam ball


-We expected a nicer ball

4. Cleats

Your little player can’t hit the field without the right footwear. For the T Ball division, rubber-studded cleats are the advisable choice. It offers more traction and safety even if worn outside the field. Aside from that, youth leagues prohibit the use of metal studs, especially on T Ball.

The studs on the cleats will dig through the soil or grass which will provide traction to your child’s feet. Unlike tennis shoes, T Ball cleats reduce the risk of slipping and injuries.

Buying a baseball cleat is like purchasing just another pair of shoes. Always get the right size for your child’s feet and never a bigger one as an effort to save money.

Also, cleats can either have a low-top or high-top cut. Low-top cuts are lighter but it has reduced protection for the ankle area. Meanwhile, high-top cuts provide more security but it also adds more weight to your little slugger’s feet.

One important reminder for parents: never buy cleats with Velcro strap enclosures. Although this is easier to put on and off, it can snap during the game. Laces allow you to adjust the fit of the shoe while keeping it intact on your child’s feet.

OUR TOP FOR T BALL CLEAT: Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe

The Vizari Striker FG Shoe has rubber sole and studs that will add more traction while on the field. It’s made from synthetic leather with a nice shiny upper.

To make sure that your child will stay on top of his or her game, this cleat has an outsole stitch on the upper and riveted for additional durability.

This has a lace enclosure that lets your child run and do fielding without worrying about snapping Velcros. It’s also water-resistant and very lightweight, perfect for the entire season.

The Vizari Striker fits kids with wide feet. There’s enough room without making it too loose.


-Riveted for added durability
-Fits kids with wide feet
-Very lightweight and water-resistant


-Will feel a little snug at first until fully broken in

5. Baseball bag

All of your T Ball player’s equipment needs to be handy during the game. This is why you need to get the right bag for the game. Unlike typical backpacks or duffel bags, T ball or baseball bags are made specifically to be stored on the fence.

It’s best to purchase one with enough capacity. For batters, a T Ball backpack with a helmet slot and multiple compartments are ideal. Also, it’s best to purchase one with bat pockets. Catchers will need a larger to store the glove.

Baseball bags can come in wheeled, backpack, duffel, handheld, and so on. For T Ball players, backpacks might be easier to carry. Batters may also prefer bat packs. These are like backpacks but built with bat pockets on each side, a helmet slot in front, and multiple compartments inside.

Regardless of style, always look for one with durable material. Most baseball bags nowadays are made from polyester, nylon, or Oxford fabric. The blend of polyester and nylon provides a moisture-resistant characteristic. Also, it’s easier to clean in case mud, dirt, and grass stains get into it.

For the enclosures, always opt for durable zippers and snap locks.


T Ball Equipment

The EASTON Walk-Off IV Bat Pack is made from durable polyester and nylon paired with dual zippers. It also comes with a J-hook for added dugout functionality.

This comes with two zippered bat pockets (one on each side), a helmet holder with snap locks, a vented shoe compartment, and a large main compartment.

This bat pack is made for all ages so players can carry all their equipment in just one bag. It even has a designated space for team embroidery.


-Large dugout design
-Lots of pockets and compartments
-Includes a built-in J-hook


-Can be a bit large for toddlers

6. Baseball Pants

Aside from getting the best T Ball equipment, your little slugger should also dress the part. Baseball pants ensure that your kid can move around comfortably. Wearing shorts during the game isn’t just a bad idea; it’s totally prohibited.

Aside from getting the right size, you also need to check the material and construction. T Ball and baseball pants will have double snap closures to prevent wardrobe malfunction during a forceful home run.

As for the material, polyester is a typical choice due to its breathability and durability.

OUR TOP PICK: Under Armour Boy’s Baseball Pants

T Ball Equipment

The Under Armour Boy’s Baseball Pants is made from 100% polyester that’s machine-washable and ultra-durable. Also, it wicks away sweat and dries quickly.

This has a fuller cut for complete comfort while your T Ball player wears it. The only issue here is that the waist runs a little loose which can be fixed by a belt. Aside from that, the pants fit well on T Ball players’ legs down to their ankle.

This Under Armour Baseball Pants is available in white, black, and aluminum colors in four sizes.


-Made from pure polyester
-Wicks away sweat


-Runs a little loose on the waist area.


Getting the best T Ball Equipment will boost your child’s performance on the field. What do you think of our exclusive picks here? Let us know below! We will be glad to include your suggestions and feedback in our reviews.

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