Best wood baseball bats for your money

Top 5 Best Wood Baseball Bats For Your Money

This post was most recently updated on January 27th, 2019

Today, we will be talking about the best wood baseball bats. What is the best wood baseball bat? You can find 4 types of best wood bats on the market. Those 4 types are bats made out of bamboo, birch, ash, and maple. You can also find bats that are made out of a combination of wood.

Bats made out of maple are the first choice of bats for any player. The wood bats out of maple are dense and hard. These bats produce better speed when the ball bounces. These bats have a smaller chance of breaking, and they last more.

Bats made out of ash last a long time. These bats aren't as dense as the ones made out of maple, but they are the best wood bats when you need flexibility. Because of this flexibility, they create something similar to an effect that trampoline has, which causes the ball to travel further.

Bats made out of birch are kind of in the middle between ash bats and maple bats. They offer more flexibility than maple bats but are stronger than the ones made out of ash. Because of these characteristics, these bats are getting more popular by the day.

The newest bats are made out of bamboo. These bats are characteristic because of their density. Some professionals say that they are steel-strong. Because of this, they have a large exit speed.


Editors choice Best Wood Baseball Bat

Editors choice Rawlings Best Wood Baseball Bat

This bat isn't only amazing for hitting a ball, it also has an awesome look. So when you ask us what is the best wood baseball bat? We would definitely say this one. It is also very durable and well balanced.

It is a mixture of bamboo and maple. It is made out of the toughest materials you can buy out there. What also impresses me about this bat is that it comes with a warranty, and trust us, that is really hard to find. The warrant on offer is for ninety days. We also spoke to a player, and he told us that the company is really easy to work with.


This is a bat made out of maple and bamboo, it has a dull look, but don't let that fool you. It isn't that noticeable, so you probably wouldn't spot it in the store, but as soon as you pick it up, you will notice that there is nothing boring about it.

The handle of this bat is made out of fiberglass. This bat type has been in the baseball world for a long time, and it has always had good reviews. The barrel of the bat is a little smaller, and that helps for increasing the bat speed. What is the best wood baseball bat for a small area? Definitely this one!


#3 Mizuno Best Wood Baseball Bat

The Mizuno bat is made out of bamboo which really suits me. It is a very durable bat, and we don't know about any incident of players complaining about it. As far as we know, this is the best bamboo bat ever made, and it can easily outlast any other wooden bat.

Because of its bamboo origin, this bat makes the ball leave faster than any other bat. This bat also has the looks, it is really smooth and has a great finish. Its balance isn't its best feature, but that's just a little flaw compared to its good sides. The only thing wrong with this bat is its rough handle.


This isn't a popular bat as the other ones are, but it is getting more popular as the days pass. It's a bat known for its quality, as it is made only out of the best wood. It is not that pretty but the performance is remarkable. This bat costs a little more, but it is definitely worth the money.

When making an order for the custom made one, you will have to wait a few weeks because they are taking so much pride in the maple that is being selected. It will be a long few weeks, but it is worth a wait. This is the type of bat that you can use multiple seasons, and that only proves its durability. The only complaint about this bat is that it is too heavy. But that's more of a style problem, not a quality one. We can easily say that this is the best bat made out of pure maple.

5.AXE L180

#5 Best Axe Wood Baseball Bat

This bat is made by an unpopular company, but that doesn't mean that this bat isn't good. This is one of those typical bats made out of maple that have a strong exterior which helps in hitting the ball for long distances.

The reason why this bat is unique is the axe handle instead of a typical knob. In theory, this axe handle increases the speed of your hands. Also, this axe-like handle enables a smooth swing. The barrel of the bat is made from a special kind of maple, and the handle is a mix of different materials that help the durability.


In summary, you can definitely find some good wooden bats. All of the companies are working as hard as they can, and the bat business is better than ever. The companies are competing against each other which is good for us, the bat lovers because you never know who is going to come up with the next big thing. Our first choice is a bamboo bat because it lasts the longest and it is the most durable. When buying a bat, you should take your time to think it out!

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