Best mens softball glove 2018

What Is The Best Softball Glove For Your Money

This post was most recently updated on December 21st, 2018

Having the best softball glove in your softball equipment will increase your efficiency and your overall success in softball. This statement is true for sure, no matter what type of softball you are playing, or what position you prefer. Since there are numerous versions and brands of softball gloves you may find it hard to make a right choice, to analyze and understand the characteristics and features of the glove.

But, what is the best mens softball glove? What are the best youth softball gloves? If you have trouble to decide which one is the best softball glove, we made a list to help you make a right choice.

1. Wilson A360

Wilson A360 softball glove 2018

Wilson made this high -quality product, and it is considered to be if not the best softball glove on the market. These gloves will be perfect for almost any position, and a lot of players like these because of the specific closure adjustment feature. The pigskin leather palm and web will make sure that the gloves are holding up, which will ensure you that they will keep their durability even if you are using them in harsh conditions. These gloves will also fit almost any size and type of a hand, which make them one of the best youth softball gloves also.

2. Rawlings Renegade

Rawlings Renegade softball gloves

The basked web pattern on this glove will provide you with flexibility if you are trying to make a catch. The pattern has a deep pocket and a wider web that will allow you to have a bigger surface for catching. The palms are constructed from leather which will further enhance the durability of the glove. What will maximize the comfort for this glove is its lightweight. Rawling Renegade also has an index finger and palm padding which will further increase the protection from different kinds of impacts.

3. Mizuno GXS90F2

Mizuno GXS90F2 softball gloves 2018

This glove is made of a pre-oiled Java leather, and thats the reason why it is liked by a lot of people. And thats not all, these gloves also have a feature that will help with the restriction in the mitts hinge part, and that will help it to close very quickly. What makes these gloves great for softball is the double hinge heel, it will provide the mitt with a wider pocket. It is highly rated and reviewed which makes it number three on our list as the best mens softball glove, but it is also ideal for women. Velcro strap on the wrist will allow you to adjust it the way that fits your needs.

4. Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger youth softball gloves

Louisville Slugger has become a very popular brand. You can find this glove designed specifically for female players also, and their unique design will allow players with small hands to use them perfectly, which makes them one of the best youth softball gloves also. High-end leather and a soft lining are what makes this glove a must have and what gives them a great comfortability. The leather on this glove is guaranteed to be preconditioned and ready for the field, this offers a structure and a shape that will last for sure for a long period of time.

5. Mizuno Premier

Mizuno Premier youth softball glove

This is yet another great product that comes from a trustworthy brand Mizuno. Mizuno made this glove with a unique feature that will lessen the gloves weight without losing on durability. This glove is designed with a Tartan U Web which the manufacturer is using only for softball gear. You are able to customize the finger to fit any hand, so this feature is also a plus. Everyone can use it! This glove offers a pal, feature that will provide you with great comfort and elegance which will make sure that your glove will last for several years.

Each item on this list is offering numerous benefits, and picking the best one can be quite a task. When it comes to softball gloves, make sure that you check how durable your potential pick is, what is the technology used in a making process, and how comfortable your hand is going to fill when wearing it. What do you think is the best softball glove on our list? Which one would you rate the highest?

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